I love our Warped Tour scene so much and the music within it, but I jump at the opportunities to photograph completely different genres. I think it keeps me on my feet. blackbear is a hip-hop/R&B artist out of L.A. who’s really come up big in the underground music scene. One of my best friends on last summer’s Warped Tour was Tarina Doolittle, who is currently on tour with blackbear as his photographer. She is a highly skilled veteran who’s worked in so many different areas of photography ranging from high fashion to commercial work to music and beyond. 

I got to the venue around start time to find a line out the door and around the corner (even despite it being freezing out). It’s always a nice sight to see people supporting love music. 

blackbear hit the stage around 8:15. The moment the first track started, you heard a massive roar from a sold-out venue.They knew every word, and screamed for anything he said. I’m personally a big fan of his music and he definitely doesn’t disappoint live. He sounds great, interacts with the audiences, takes selfies on their phone, calls people on stage and brings the energy on every beat. 

I loved the environment and the different energy that a hip-hop show brings and I’m looking forwarded to doing it again.