As corny as I am, I believe what makes music so important, is the impact it has on the fans. I don’t think I have ever seen a fanbase quite like Waterparks’. It was a miserably cold day in Boston, I may be from California but I feel like the air shouldn’t hurt your face, but that’s me. Anyways, I heard fans were waiting out in the front of the venue since 9 am just to get to the front of the Palladium Upstairs. That’s special.

And the reason Waterparks has such strong fans is that they write incredibly catchy, fun and smart music while being the genuine and hilarious guys they are. Within this year of touring they’ve done, Good Charlotte, Warped Tour, Sleeping With Sirens and now this current headlining tour where they are selling out damn near every date. It’s so impressive and it doesn’t even stop there, Waterparks is now on UK and then US run with All Time Low. 

The boys are back, the boys are sad, and they’re going to take over.