Northbound / As It Is / State Champs

What better way to beat jet lag  than going to a pop punk show with some of your absolute favorite bands and people? Last Friday, I flew out to the U.K. to spend spring break with my girlfriend. The day after landing, I happily found myself standing in a line that stretched far and wide out of the O2 Forum, to see Northbound, As It Is and State Champs.

A very wise Jake Marquis (of Sleep On It) once said, “If you talk over all the opening acts, you may never find your new favorite band” and he’s damn right. I hadn’t heard of Northbound but I jumped in the photo pit for their set and holy, yeah, I found a new favorite band to watch out for.

I haven’t seen As It Is since our little run back in October and I missed them! When we toured together with Sum 41, they were the opening band on a bill of more veteran acts and they never ceased to amaze me. They gave 110% to win over each and every single kid and adult in the crowd. That’s not easy. I was also reminded of how impressively high these guys jump haha. To see them play in front of 2,000+ kids who were singing back every single word of not just the old tunes, but the brand new ones, made me so proud and excited for them.

And Champs!! I haven’t seen them since they came through on the “End The Madness tour” and it was well worth the wait. Derek said that it was their biggest headline show ever, that’s special. A band from Albany, NY is playing the O2 Forum in London for thousands of people. Absolutely amazing show with killer production and one of the best bills I’ve seen in awhile, appreciate the guys for letting me shoot!