Waterparks / SWMRS / All Time Low

I haven't been so nervous to shoot a show since my first day on Warped Tour. 

I love getting to catch up with Waterparks. They are some of the kindest humans. Manchester was freezing but as soon as we entered the green room, I was sweating. Awsten turned the heat up so high to remind him of Texas. I've seen Waterparks play for Warped crowds, open for Sleeping with Sirens and do their own headline tour but this was the biggest audience I’ve ever seen them play for. I was blown away by reception from the crowd. I'm so proud of how far they've come already. 

SWMRS are a punk band from Oakland, CA and one of my favorite bands right now. They used to be Emily's Army and I actually saw them under that monicker at Warped 2013, been a fan since. They are electrifying on stage and their sound is reminiscent of 70's British-era punk infused with pop hooks.

And then came the moment when All Time Low's lights raised and my shutter started. I racked up probably 800 shots just from their set. A lot of it was a blur; me sprinting from the pit, to backstage, up to the balcony and down the stairs to the side balcony. I was exhausted and my legs were dead. But it was one of the best shows I have ever shot.

Thank you again to everyone who gave me this opportunity!