ISSUES: The End Is Here Tour

Nervous. Eager.

Those were about the only two emotions I had leading up to the first day. I was nervous because this was honestly my 2nd tour, I had done a few short stints with bands in the fall but this was 8 shows in 11 days. This was my first club tour.

Being invited on this ISSUES run meant a lot to me and I was thrilled to make it work with my school schedule. So, every day I was eager to create. I’d be sitting in class crafting visions of portraits and videos in my mind everyday before I left.

Fast forward to day 1 in Chicago, after a whole ordeal trying to fly there, everything sort of clicked. I met ISSUES on Warped but hadn’t had a lot of 1 on 1 time to get to know them all but on day 1, they were incredibly welcoming and just love hanging out and playing video games. 

The shows began to fly by and I found myself as a part of the crew, and that’s the amazing feeling being on tour gives. You are part of a team, working together to accomplish one goal, have a kickass show, sleep and repeat everyday. I love it, and it drives me.

Within the ISSUES and Falling In Reverse camps, we loved to play the, “What are the odds game?” It’s essentially a dare game and on the last day I got AJ and he had to flex in every single meet and greet photo, it’s probably a highlight of the tour for me because I struggled to maintain composure throughout the 100+ photos.

I had the best time on, "The End Is Here Tour" and created my favorite video and photo work to date, including a tour recap I put together that I’ll include with my gallery below. Can’t thank the ISSUES guys enough for bringing me out!