Mr. & Mrs. Bloembergen

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to document wedding of Brandon & Erika Bloembergen. This was my first wedding shooting lead and I'm still extremely new to this space, only second-shot 3 previous weddings, but this was an exception, this was a Gold Arrow Camp couple getting married. 

To most of you who've just met me this past year, that means nothing but if you know me or this amazing couple, you know Gold Arrow Camp is a one of a kind children's summer camp up in the Sierra Nevadas. I attended this camp starting at the age of 7 and ended up working there the past 4 years. This is where I’ve met some of my closest friends, my girlfriend Kate and this is of course, where Brandon, “Blondie” and Erika, “Honey” met years ago.

The wedding took place on the gorgeous Circle Oak Ranch in Fallbrook and guests from literally all over the world poured in. I had such a fun time being able to capture such an amazing day and I couldn’t be prouder of the images myself and my second shooter, Beth Saravo were able to produce. A HUGE congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bloembergen!

Here are a few select images, photos taken by Beth are noted *